We’re keen to hear Taekwondo stories from our members.

Why Taekwondo? We want to hear your stories

As part of our 40th anniversary in 2022 member clubs, coaches, athletes and supporters got in touch to tell us about all the wonderful things that have kept them involved in Taekwondo – and the things that will keep them interested and active over the next 40 years!

We’re keen to continue to hear about all the reasons why Taekwondo is the activity for you throughout 2023.

You can leave a comment below and / or get in touch with Richard and Anna in the Marketing & Communications team if you have stories, news, events, updates, or if you’d like to be a guest blogger for British Taekwondo. They can be reached via media@britishtaekwondo.org

You can read a range of case studies, blogs and articles on our Member Stories page.