Competitive Poomsae

Poomsae is a high-performance competitive Taekwondo discipline. It’s a very competitive aspect of Taekwondo with a vibrant competition circuit nationally and internationally. Members can compete regularly at Poomsae competitions at all levels including local club competitions, regional opens and national championships.

Poomsae competitions are the platforms in which Poomsae athletes battle it out for a medal position under set rules and technical guidelines. Poomsae competitions are run nationally with a full range of age categories upwards to 65+. In addition, Poomsae competitions run with Para and Freestyle categories. Poomsae athletes can aspire to compete at the highest levels to represent their country.

To find a Poomsae event near you please see the events calendar.

For those with talent and ambition who wish to reach national and international standard and the chance to represent their country, British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Performance Department hold regular open, squad and team training sessions at different locations around the UK. Please see the Poomsae Performance section to find out how to get involved.

Rules & Regulations

Poomsae competition follows World Taekwondo (WT) rules and interpretations. To see the current rules in force please visit the World Taekwondo website.

World Taekwondo

The purpose of Poomsae competition rules are to fairly and smoothly manage all matters pertaining to Poomsae competitions at all levels promoted and/or organised by the World Taekwondo, its Continental Unions and member National Associations, ensuring the application of standardised Poomsae rules.

British Taekwondo Poomsae Referee Department logo

British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Referee Department have a comprehensive suite of helpful policy and procedure documents to help Poomsae competition organisers and athletes understand the latest rules and guidelines for successful competition and participation.

You can find details of Poomsae competition policies & procedures in the Policies & Documents section.