Poomsae or Patterns are a set sequence of movements that consists of the various fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants.

Each Poomsae pattern consists of an established sequence of movements which has a philosophical meaning, and each Poomsae has its own character and distinct quality. Poomsae teaches a student balance, technique, coordination and self-discipline.There are Poomsae competitions nationally and internationally. British Taekwondo runs Poomsae Training Courses, and has a National Team including Cadets, Juniors and Seniors.

With a full range of age categories from Peewee to plus 65, Para and freestyle,  British Taekwondo Poomsae offer coaching, seminars and training sessions throughout the country.

Advice can be sought, and questions answered by contacting membership services at any time via membership.services@britishtaekwondo.org

Poomsae Committee

As well as being a required technical element to both Dan and Kup gradings, like Kyorugi (Sparring) Poomsae is also a competitive discipline of Taekwondo.

British Taekwondo Poomsae are dedicated to the development of Poomsae within GB, following WTF Rules and Guidelines. We aim to reach a broad membership and develop this aspect of the sport to its full potential.

Poomsae has started to move more and more to the forefront with the advent of the World Poomsae Championships, organised by the World Taekwondo Federation, as well as European and Commonwealth Poomsae Championships. Not to mention, a  very noticeable growth in participation in Poomsae in Great Britain in General.

British Taekwondo Poomsae Judging Sector has Courses available throughout Great Britain, and are proud of the number of qualified Judges.For any Competition being staged within Great Britain, the Judging Team are there to help.

Contact the Judging Coordinator or Judging Secretary for courses competitions and any questions regarding Judging .