Improving your Poomsae coaching knowledge

To improve your Taekwondo Poomsae and technical knowledge there are great examples within the What will I learn? section showing Poomsae being performed to a high technical standard.

Poomsae Coaching Pathway

British Taekwondo is developing Poomsae teaching aids and resources for club level coaches to help improve Poomsae standards.

Part of this process will be the development of an advanced Poomsae Coach qualification in 2023.

Specialist Poomsae Coaches

If you are interested in becoming a specialist Poomsae Coach and would like to work with our Poomsae Performance Programme please contact

The Poomsae Performance Coaching Pathway is shown below.

  • Step 1 – Club Coach – attend official British Taekwondo Open Seminars & Poomsae online meetings
    • Step 2 – Volunteer Assistant Coach (department coach education)
      • Step 3 – Regional Coach
        • Step 4 – High Performance Coach