About Poomsae

About Poomsae

What is Poomsae?

Poomsae (patterns) are a non-contact and enjoyable part of the martial art that you practice individually. The non-contact setting is perfect for people of all ages and abilities.

Poomsae comprises sets of pre-arranged defence and attacking movements that gradually become more complex as you progress your development in Taekwondo.

Generally there will be one new Poomsae to learn and master for each belt level. There are eight Poomsae to learn for Kup grades (coloured belts) and a further nine Poomsae to learn for Dan grades (black belts).

Martial Arts Seminar at the National Taekwondo Centre in November 2021

Regular practice of Poomsae provides a deep understanding of every aspect of Taekwondo; basic technique, breathing control, balance, co-ordination and concentration. The mind and body work together striving for perfect performance.

Poomsae is a required technical element of both coloured belt (Kup) and black belt (Dan) martial art gradings.

Poomsae competition

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Poomsae is also a very competitive aspect of Taekwondo and has a vibrant domestic and international circuit of competitions catering for novices through to elite athletes competing at world championship level.

There are also rapidly developing competition divisions for Para competitors, which in keeping with other Sports, are separated into a range of Sport Classes.

Find out more about Poomsae competitions in the Poomsae Performance section.