Details of a new appointment in British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Referee Department.

Master Bilal Naqshbandi has been appointed as Operations Manager for the Poomsae Referee Department.

British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Referee Department is thrilled to announce that Master Bilal has been appointed as Operations Manager for the department.

Master Bilal said “I’m delighted to have been appointed as Operations Manager, joining the Poomsae Referee Department. I look forward to working with everyone and in developing our Poomsae National Referee programme.”

Master Bilal Naqshbandi

About the Poomsae Referee Department

The Poomsae Referee Department‘s role is to coordinate the development of British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Referees with the objectives of:

  • Making the UK a great place to be a Poomsae Referee.
  • Establishing a clear and transparent development pathway.
  • Delivering engaging courses and seminars.
  • Ensuring consistent and fair refereeing approach for competitions.
  • Support the development of referees at all levels including progression to International Referee.

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