As a British Taekwondo member you are now eligible to take the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Taekwondo.

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Taekwondo

British Taekwondo is aspiring to become a world-leading National Governing body. To achieve this aim, we require a top-quality Coach Education Pathway for our coaches. Our Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Taekwondo course is designed to support how coaches effectively undertake their duties to the best of their ability, and in the best interests of their students.

Under the guidance of British Taekwondo, the course can enable you to deliver safe, enjoyable and interactive sessions as an accredited and licensed coach. During the six-month course, coaches will take part in a variety of eLearning modules and progressive sessions, whilst also producing a 20-minute video showcasing their coaching skills.

Becoming a Level 2 qualified coach will help you to raise standards at your club, whilst encouraging an inclusive, safe and enjoyable environment for yourself and your members. This course can allow you to deliver independent sessions, coach at local and international events unsupervised, and enable you to take the Level 3 certificate.

Several British Taekwondo coaches have already taken part in the course, including:

Jack Durcan from Shins Academy participated in the Level 2 certificate under Coleen Reilly in December 2023, and said “We had Coleen tutoring our session and I honestly could not think of anybody better to do this role. She made sure everybody was engaging, made the tasks fun, and overall I really enjoyed the course.”

Karina Rehling of Highland Taekwondo Academy participated in the course under Katy Cuddington, and said “The tutor Katy was very encouraging and knowledgeable about training and all aspects arising. This inspired the group to participate, she also communicated a wide variety of training and useful tips and it was great to participate.”

Speaking about the content and what coaches can expect, Neil Burton, Education Officer at British Taekwondo, said “The course material does not intend to be a burden or hinderance, but is there to provoke thought, understanding, and to promote the need to have a clear and obvious appreciation of effective, safe and inclusive coaching.”

When discussing what the qualification means for coaches, members and British Taekwondo as an organisation, Neil said “Our Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Taekwondo is mapped to the Coaching Standards of the Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). With the backing of UK Sport and Sport England, this agency is spearheading an initiative to ensure coaching is regulated and licenced by way of a registration scheme. This means ensuring a correct level of qualification is in place for coaches.”

We hope that the information provided can encourage you to engage with the Level 2 coaching certificate.