An update on British Taekwondo’s Anti-Doping activity.

In mid-2022 British Taekwondo embarked on a programme to become 100% compliant under the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Assurance Framework.

Following initial liaison with GB Taekwondo (who are already 100% compliant) the British Taekwondo Board made several commitments to achieving the target of 100% by fully adopting the UKAD Rules and Code.

In support of this target, the Board also appointed Matthew Barnes to be the Board Anti-Doping Lead, supported by Dafydd Rowlands, Development Manager, as its UKAD Point of Contact and Tom Stammer, Health & Safety Advisor as the British Taekwondo Anti-Doping Lead. These nominees have now successfully completed UKAD and WT Anti-Doping Training Courses.

Since these appointments, significant progress has been made in providing information and data to the UKAD Assurance Portal and we are very pleased to say that as of Wednesday 12th October British Taekwondo is now 55% fully compliant, with the remaining 45% of the information and data submitted to UKAD and currently under their review.

UK Anti Doping UKAD

In future we will be supporting World Taekwondo and UKAD Anti-Doping campaigns by posting information for guidance, interest and education for all British Taekwondo clubs and members.

Please remember that, as a member of British Taekwondo, we are all (players, officials, members and supporters), bound by British Taekwondo policies and rules, which include the full adoption of the UKAD Rules. This means that Taekwondo must be a clean sport where drug or substance taking of any type (including recreational drugs) is not tolerated in its competitions, activities or clubs.

Information and updates on Anti-Doping can be found on our website here.

Find out more about Anti-Doping on the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and WADA websites.