A blog post from Richard Bungay, British Taekwondo’s Events Officer.

As a new member of staff and someone new to Taekwondo, this was an educational experience. From being involved in all the event planning to the execution of the British Sport Taekwondo Championships it was truly an eye-opening experience, but from this experience what did I learn?

  • The Taekwondo community is genuinely like a big family, everyone knows each other, and it creates a brilliant atmosphere for athletes to participate in.
  • The fighters in the British Sport Taekwondo Championships have unbelievable commitment and determination from an early age, it almost seems natural to them.
  • Passion is key, without passion from the athletes, coaches and spectators it would not have been the same experience.

After the two-day event I understood the Taekwondo family and community. I could now see how coaches cared so much for each athlete in their club, whether they had three athletes or 40 they cared about every single fighter the same, with pure passion and commitment to making them a better person each day.

I would like to give a big shout out to the coaches who give up their own time week in and week out, without these individuals there would not be clubs or competitions. The coaches in Taekwondo are committed to creating and building strong resilient individuals that will thrive in life while pushing their athletes to become better every week.

The 2023 British Sport Taekwondo Championships taught me that Taekwondo teaches you discipline as well as determination. Taekwondo is a building block in life that will push people in the community to better themselves and those around them.

To conclude, congratulations to all that took part in the British Sport Taekwondo Championships 2023, it was brilliant to see you succeed, fight, and never give up, and thank you for supporting British Taekwondo.

Richard Bungay is the Events Officer at British Taekwondo. You can view the initial Events Calendar for 2024, with more dates and competitions to be confirmed.

Photos: J Fowles Photography