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2024 British Taekwondo Events Calendar

We are pleased to publish the sanctioned British Taekwondo events calendar for 2024 having been through an extensive policy development process and invitation to submit.

Please note: some events and dates are TBC.

British Taekwondo International Championships

Further details to follow…

British Taekwondo National Championships

Taekwondo Sport Events 2024

Sunday 28th January – LMC 1-2-1 – Bronze

Sunday 18th February – Ali’s Dojang Open 2024: Sparring – Silver

Sunday 25th February – Scorpion 1-2-1 2024 – Bronze

Sunday 10th March – Ultimate Spring Championships – Silver

Saturday 23rd March – TCGB Open – Silver

Sunday 7th April – Aquila Open – Silver

Sunday 28th April – All Stars Open – Bronze

Sunday 26th May – BTS Southern Counties Open 2024

Sunday 9th June – Ultimate 1-2-1 – Bronze

Sunday 23rd June – Premier Open – Silver

Sunday 7th July – Best Leg Open – Silver

Sunday 28th July – Scorpion Open – Silver

Sunday 8th September – Whiston Open – Bronze

Sunday 27th October – Scorpion 1-2-1 – Bronze

Sunday 10th November – WLM Open – Silver

Sunday 17th November – All Stars 1-2-1 – Bronze

Sunday 1st December – The 2nd LMC Prize Fighter Championships

Poomsae Events 2024

Saturday 17th February – Ali’s Dojang Open 2024: Poomsae – Silver

Saturday 9th March – Lanarkshire Open – Silver

Sunday 24th March – TCGB Open

Saturday 6th April – 8th KTA Mayor Cup Poomsae Championships

Sunday 7th April – Kukkiwon Cup

Sunday 28th April – Gajok Open

Sunday 12th May – London Taekwondo Open (Kup)

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May – London International Open Poomsae Taekwondo Championships 2024

Sunday 16th June – Scottish Open Championships

Saturday 6th July – Best Leg Open

Sunday 22nd September – Bluewave Open