An update on the Taekwondo kids programme pilot.

Thank you to everyone that responded to the information we posted asking for volunteer clubs and instructors to pilot an early-stage version of the new children’s Taekwondo programme we are building.

After only 24 hours we had more than enough clubs raising their hand to work with us on this exciting project.

We still want to hear from clubs interested in the programme and ask that you complete this short online form. Our Club Products Development Officer, Amy Shanahan will be in touch.

Phill Payne from MAPLE Martial Arts said “In 2001 the original Lil Dragon programme was launched in the USA by a martial arts instructor and primary school teacher called Kimber Hill. This was one of the first martial arts programmes to be designed specifically for children. That said, what we know about coaching children has moved on massively in the last two decades and I am looking forward to building a new programme with British Taekwondo that harnesses the latest research.”

“I first started running martial arts classes for 4-6 year olds in 2008. As the UK came out of the recession in 2009 we signed the lease for our first full-time venue. Our children’s programme helped us go from around 50 students to over 200 within 12 months. This programme still remains the bedrock of both our full-time centres and it would be great to help other British Taekwondo clubs build similar solid foundations.”

Taekwondo kids programme pilot update

For further information, or if you have any questions, about the Taekwondo kids programme please contact Amy Shanahan, Club Products Development Officer via email