An update on Kukkiwon Certificates.

On 20th June 2022 Kukkiwon changed their website and the system to process Kukkiwon certificates. Each and every individual that applies for a Kukkiwon certificate must now join the TCON system and enter their details into the system.

Please visit the TCON site.

Then at the top right click on ‘Join’. All applicants now must click on that and register themselves to the site before British Taekwondo can apply for the certificate. This must be done by the individual. Coaches/instructors and the British Taekwondo Grading Officer cannot do this for them and they will be asked to input their own individual ID number.

The British Taekwondo Grading Officer then needs their Name, ID number and DOB to be able to submit their application.

Once British Taekwondo receives this information, we can submit their Kukkiwons immediately.

You can view a ‘TCON – Membership Registration’ tutorial video on the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo YouTube Channel.

If you have any further questions please contact GM Neil Guest 8th Dan, British Taekwondo Grading Officer via