The Junior and Senior Team Trophies at the British International Open 2023 are sponsored by Range Sports.

A big thank you to Range Sports for sponsoring the Junior and Senior Team Trophies at the British International Open 2023.

Range Sports and Jcalicu are an official partner of British Taekwondo and the Official Uniform Sponsors of British Taekwondo’s National Teams.

About Range Sports

Range Sports is a business that has Taekwondo at its heart. Founders Master K. R. Ali and Master Mosy are instructors and 7th and 5th Dan respectively. This gives them the unique ability to understand the needs of the Taekwondo practitioner and deliver the quality products to enable you to train and perform to your best ability.

Range Sports brings the Taekwondo tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit to the business and respect each and every one of our customers. The team are there to help you through your Taekwondo journey and wish you all the best to succeed.

Range Sports are also the UK’s official supplier and distributor for Jcalicu (JC) World Taekwondo Approved Uniform, belts, protective equipment, training equipment and accessories, intended to meet the needs of the dedicated Taekwondo practitioner at affordable prices. Range Sports aim is to bring the best to their customers, because Taekwondo is not just a sport, it is a “passion for life”.

All British Taekwondo instructors can apply for a trade account with Range Sports from their official website.

British International Open Trophies 2023

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