Report from the recent Army Taekwondo Training Camp and Army Competition.

Army WT Taekwondo Training Camp 21st to 25th February 2022

The Army Combat Sports Centre in Aldershot hosted the five-day Army World Taekwondo training camp last month with 35 athletes taking part.


British Army Team 2022 World Taekwondo

The British Army Team 2022 – World Taekwondo


The training camp brought together a mix of experienced players, novices and previously unidentified talent to undertake full contact sparring, self-defence and traditional aspects of the British Taekwondo syllabus.

Major Stephen Gibbons, Officer in Charge of Army Taekwondo said “We have some real talent, and our players regularly finish on the podium at British Taekwondo National Championships. The Army Taekwondo training camp was a superb way to bring together a mixture of our players, from the seasoned athletes to complete novices.”

Major Gibbons added “This was the best attended training camp we’ve held so far, with 35 Taekwondo practitioners taking part, including Regulars and Reserves, progressing under the guidance of one of the leading GB Taekwondo instructors, Mr John Harrison and ably supported by Army coaches.”

The training camp also welcomed the Army Martial Arts Association (AMAA) President, General Eldon to oversee training on the 23rd of February and he was impressed with the skills, attitude and commitment of coaches and players.

Practitioners attending the event benefitted from the progressive and focussed training and seven soldiers successfully undertook British Taekwondo NGB gradings and promotions.


Awarding of 5th and 4th Dan Kukkiwon certificates

Awarding of 5th and 4th Dan Kukkiwon certificates


The camp also offered the opportunity for four coaches to begin the training pathway for the new British Taekwondo Assistant Coach Award which will be completed later in 2022. The next Army Taekwondo training camp will be in October this year.

The WT Army Championships – 26th February 2022

The Army World Taekwondo training camp was followed by the WT Army Championships on the 26th of February.

The WT Army Championships had a high uptake in all disciplines and in an exciting championship all three Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme and British Aerospace sponsored soldiers took golds. The championships consisted of both full contact sparring (Kyorugi) and traditional patterns (Poomsae) and brought out the best of fighting spirit and technical presentations from Army Regulars and Reserves soldiers.


Army Competition medallists February 2022

Army Taekwondo Competition medallists


The British Army Taekwondo team will be competing in the Interservices Championships in July as the reigning champions.

Major Gibbons said “The week of activities was an excellent mix of training, coaching and competition for our players. We like to highlight that athletes can continue their taekwondo journey in the British Army. We offer regular opportunities to improve and develop taekwondo, which includes NGB gradings, coaching pathways, officiating, sponsorship and entry into competitions.”

British Army Taekwondo is available for Regulars, Reserves, University Officer Training Corps and the Military Provost Guard Service. For further information visit the British Army Taekwondo Facebook Page