2022 has been an outstanding year for Broughton Scorpion Taekwondo. Founded at the end of 2021 by head coach, David White the club has gone from no members to over 85.

Like British Taekwondo, David is also celebrating being 40 years old this year having started his journey at the age of 5 in 1986. His Dad began training him because he was getting bullied for being mute, a condition of his autism, Taekwondo gave him his voice!

He worked his way through his belts attaining his black at the tender age of 8! He began training with Pete Adamson at the age of 14. From there he became a British Champion and fought at the World Championships at 16. It is believed that David was the first autistic fighter for GB. Unfortunately, at the age of 20 and a 4th Dan, David broke his back, so his Taekwondo journey stopped.

Fast forward 20 years and David had met his lovely wife Mel and they had 2 boys, Ollie and Alfie. David was keen to get the boys involved in Taekwondo but after going to a couple of clubs in the area he realised that they couldn’t cater for Ollie’s needs, as he is also autistic.

And so, Broughton Scorpion Taekwondo was born! David recognised that there were a number of children, young people and adults within the community with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and he wanted to provide them with a safe space to learn Taekwondo. This has certainly been achieved and the confidence in all of the members is growing week by week.

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There have been 4 Kup gradings at the club this year and all of those participating have shone! 3 of the members including David, have taken part in a Dan grading. This was where the first black belt for the club was earned, as well as a 2nd Dan and David’s 5th Dan. David was asked to be part of the examining panel for the lower grades, a moment to be very proud of!

David has also been recognised outside of Taekwondo by Sport England and has delivered Taekwondo sessions to over 100 SEN children in a bid to get them involved in sport. Of the 9 sports on offer Taekwondo was the only one that all of the children took part in.

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The biggest achievement this year has to be how the club has become a family. Everyone has time for everyone else. There are a number of families that train together at the club, which helps build that sense of belonging. Some of the adults in the club have returned to the sport after a number of years away, having watched their children on their journey, and realised that nothing is unachievable. Lifelong friendships have been made.

The club has taken part in community events, demonstrating to the village who we are, and what we stand for. Many in the community have told David and the club that they are making a massive difference to many children and adults who otherwise would never have taken the sport up. At the heart of the club is David’s wife Mel, without her the club would not be what it is today, she organises everyone, especially David and the club would be lost without her.

You can find out more about the Broughton Scorpion Taekwondo club via the Scorpion Taekwondo website.