World Taekwondo has revealed the newly appointed Commission and Committee Chairs.

British Taekwondo’s Vice President Usman Dildar has been appointed Chair of World Taekwondo’s Para Taekwondo Committee.

The chairs include a mixture of new appointments and re-appointments with terms running through until the end of Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games or until the 2025 World Taekwondo General Assembly and World Championships depending on the Commission or Committee.

Commenting on his appointment, Usman said “This journey spanning over 25 years within World Taekwondo has been a testament to the unwavering encouragement and guidance extended to me by esteemed figures like Dr. Choue, World Taekwondo President, and the entire administration. Their backing has empowered me to foster development, strengthen global ties, and champion causes close to our hearts. From organising events across continents to aiding refugees and orphanages, supporting individuals with disabilities, and enhancing education for technical delegates, referees, and coaches, we’ve striven to transform Taekwondo into an all-inclusive sport, imbued with equity and diversity.

Also, my position as the Technical Director at the European Taekwondo Union has mirrored the dedication seen at World Taekwondo. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sakis Pragalos, our relentless pursuit to invigorate and propagate Taekwondo throughout Europe has been unmatched. Through hosting globally ranked events, facilitating training camps, and pioneering educational initiatives, we have laid an unprecedented foundation for the realisation of ETU’s mission. The shared trust and faith from both leaderships have been pivotal in elevating our sport and federation to paramount heights within the realm of IOC and IPC Sport federations.

All the above wouldn’t have been possible without the steadfast support of my own national federation, British Taekwondo, for their exceptional strategies on diversity and inclusion.

Usman Dildar Copy

Once again, I extend my gratitude for all the support and encouragement. Together, we have shaped our sport into a beacon of excellence, setting a remarkable standard among international federations.”

World Taekwondo Commission and Committee Chairs

You can find out more about the World Taekwondo Commission and Committee Chairs, and the full composition of the Commissions/Committees on the World Taekwondo website.

World Taekwondo Commission and Committee Chairs