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Michael Harvey


Michael Harvey

DATE OF BIRTH: September 21, 1989


BASED: Mottram

WEIGHT: -68kg

WHEN DID YOU START TAEKWONDO AND WHY: At five I went to the local carnival and watched a demonstration by Nick Greenwood. But I was already kicking at that age. 

OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: I would liked to have played football but I wasn't competitive at any other sport.

I never really had the time because of taekwondo training. 

HONOURS: 2008 Dutch Open silver, 2008 Belgian Open silver, 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, seventh; 2009 British Open gold, 2010 Belgian Open gold, World Senior silver.

AMBITION: The only ambition I've got in life and sport is to go to London 2012 and win a gold. 

ROLE MODEL/FAVOURITE OTHER SPORTSMAN OR WOMAN: Always looked up to Paul Green who has been my coach for eight years.

He  can do any kick or combination and always brings the best out of people.

WHY SHOULD THE PUBLIC WATCH TAEKWONDO: it's exciting, dynamic and fast to watch. When you see a good fight there is so much excitement.

IF SOMEONE GAVE YOU £1 MILLION, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT: Buy myself a nice place to live to get away from my messy housemates. And get a decent car. Nothing too flash because I only drive a Corsa at moment. 

SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT MICHAEL HARVEY:  Took up boxing at Hattersley ABC for a short time after I left my first taekwondo club. I also sleep a lot.