Welcome to World Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Autistic people face discrimination and barriers across all sectors of society – in the health and social care systems, in education, in employment, and everywhere in between. It is crucial that Autistic people, and their families and carers, can access tailored information, guidance and support to overcome those barriers, along with opportunities to explore their interests, develop skills and build friendships for fulfilled lives. 

Playing sport has so many benefits. Not only is it a great way to stay fit, but it can also offer a sense of belonging and a way to make friends. Taking part in sport regularly can provide routine and structure and a way to release stress and frustration!   

At British Taekwondo we support our members and their families who have an involvement with Autism, no matter the extent. We want to offer advice and support to all our members, our clubs and our coaches to ensure Autism isn’t a barrier to participation in Taekwondo. 

From the 2nd of April to the 8th of April is World Autism Acceptance Week 2024, and British Taekwondo are using this week to celebrate a number of amazing people, clubs and coaches and spotlight the incredible work they do for Autism and Taekwondo. 

Each day this week we will be posting a variety of different content across the website and our social media channels, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Today we are kicking off the week with offering advice through some excellent resources for clubs, schools, coaches and individuals to access. These resources are all about World Autism Acceptance Week 2024 and how to get involved, as well as covering Autism in sport. 

On Saturday 6th April we will be having a celebration day of all the amazing things you have been doing this week, so make sure you are tagging us on social media so we can celebrate the wonderful work you are all doing.  


World #AutismAcceptanceWeek 



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