Thank you to those who were able to attend the conference, for those who were not available, or would like to recap on some of the areas, we are pleased to announce that we have made available the slides and entire recording of the video conference.


Please see below a reminder of the Agenda for this meeting:

Topic 1: Learning Through Technology
By Jibreel Malik – Peak Performance Taekwondo

Topic 2: Delivering Safe Sessions At Home
By Richard Fairhurst – Black Widow Taekwondo / GB Pathway Coach

Topic 3: The Importance of Engagement and Continuity
By Siva Ramasamy – Gurumu Taekwondo / British Taekwondo Director

Topic 4: The Importance of Mental and Physical Wellbeing At This Present Moment
By Sarah Stevenson Jennings – British Taekwondo President

Topic 5: Financial and Government Support Available

By Phil Payne – Warrior Factory

Topic 6: Plan and Prepare For After Covid-19
By Phil Payne – Warrior Factory



The entire Video Conference is also be available on our YouTube channel. Click HERE to view. 


Below are the slides that were used during this conference:

Jibreel Malik – Learning Through Technology

Sarah Stevenson Jennings Importance of Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Phill Payne Slides


Please see answers to all of the questions that were asked during this conference HERE


Covid Guidance Update 15/07/2021

As pandemic restrictions ease across the Home Nations, we want to give our members, clubs and event hosts as much information and guidance as possible.

Whilst this is a little complicated by the fact that each Home Nation is moving at a slightly different pace in terms of relaxation of rules, generally we are returning to a situation where all forms of sport, physical activity and events will be permitted in the coming weeks.

A lot of the restrictions are changing from law, where you could previously have been fined for breaching the rules, into a more advice and guidance-based position where governments are recommending people behave in a certain way.

In the table below, we have set out how this guidance could be applied in Taekwondo club and Taekwondo event settings in England, should coaches, venues or event hosts choose to continue applying some Covid security measures.

However, we must stress, these are for individual clubs, venues and event hosts to decide whether to implement.