Deciding which club to join can be a bit daunting, and it’s not always obvious which are well run and which are not. Here is our guide on what to look for and ask when you are considering joining a club.

Is the club a member of British Taekwondo?

Clubs renew their membership on an annual basis, check that they are a current member before you join!

Does the club have a recognised quality mark?

Look out for clubs that display the Clubmark Accreditation logo – it’s a sign that they are implementing best practice, delivering safe activities and offer a friendly environment which includes abiding by British Taekwondo policies and procedures.


Does the club have a Welfare Officer?

The Welfare Officer acts as the first point of contact for anyone in the club (children, parents, adults, staff and volunteers) who has a concern about poor practice or possible abuse towards children. The Welfare Officer has a direct link to the National Safeguarding Lead Officer at British Taekwondo.

Are the people leading activity sessions appropriately qualified?

All British Taekwondo registered coaches and instructors are provided with training and insurance to cover their activities. Check that your coach/instructor has current British Taekwondo membership to ensure that their qualifications and insurance are valid.

Are the coaches, instructors and volunteers criminal record checked?

A CRB check is done to ensure that coaches, instructors and volunteers do not have previous criminal convictions which could affect their ability to work with children and vulnerable adults. All British Taekwondo coaches and instructors must renew their CRB check every 2 years, don’t be embarrassed to ask to see their up to date certificate – or contact our Membership Services Team for confirmation.

What is the coach/instructor to student ratio?

The ratio will vary depending on the activity taking place, but if there are a high number of students to each coach/instructor, accidents are more likely to occur. Go and watch a class and ensure you are happy with what you see before you join. Many coaches/instructors offer a free lesson so that you can try before you commit.

Are there trained first-aiders present at all times and is there an appropriate procedure for accidents?

Coaches/Instructors must ensure that first aid cover is provided for every class.  If the class is being held in a local authority owned facility, first aid is provided by the venue provider.

Is this a high risk activity – what about insurance?

Insurance covers the club, coaches/instructors and students should any accidents happen and the policy should pay out for any injury or damage caused. British Taekwondo provides comprehensive insurance cover to coaches/instructors and all of the students who are registered with British Taekwondo. However it is important that everyone taking part in Taekwondo keeps their personal membership up to date. If in doubt, please contact Membership Services.