Great Britain Poomsae team selected for the Innsbruck 2023 European Poomsae Championships in Austria.

Details of the Great Britain athletes selected for the Innsbruck 2023 European Poomsae Championships in Austria.

The Poomsae Performance Department has made the selections for the upcoming European Poomsae Championships which will take place at Olympiaworld, Olympiastraße 10, Innsbruck 6020 Austria between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th November.

A team of 47 athletes, coaches and support team members from 24 British Taekwondo clubs will be represented in the 2023 European Poomsae Taekwondo Championships and European Para Taekwondo Championship.

The athletes competing in the poomsae and para poomsae competitions are:

Poomsae Athletes and competition categories

U14F – Cuba Wilson – NTC-Nottingham

U14M – Louis Exton – Nomad

U14P – Cuba Wilson – NTC-Nottingham

U14P – Louis Exton – Nomad

U14TF – Niamh Lawler – Gajok

European Poomsae Championships - Innsbruck 2023

U14TF – Vi Ha Ho – Nomad

U14TF – Kaitlin Hoang – Nomad

U14TM – Lucas Pak-Hei Ng – Kang Han

U14TM – Gabriel Casaclang – Win

U14TM – Daniel Owen – Warrior

U17M – Zaw Torley – Arumchan

U17M – Alfie Harper – PremierKi

U17F – Adrianna Beard – Kang Han

U17P – Olivia McGeoch – Gajok

U17P – Zaw Torley – Arumchan

U17TF – Renee Marshall – Nomad

U17TF – Adrianna Beard – Kang Han

U17TF – Olivia McGeoch – Gajok

U30F – Natasha Wilson – Central

U30M – Maximo Libid – PremierKi

U30P – Natasha Wilson – Central

U30P – Nino Ontoy – Manx

U30TF – Georgina Ingram – Aquila

U30TF – Chloe McIntosh – PremierKi

U30TF – Cai Lin Yu – Nomad

U30TM – Oluwatimilehin Akinrele – Nomad

U30TM – Nino Ontoy – Manx

U30TM – Maximo Libid – PremierKi

U40F – Sheena Au-Yeung – Arumchan

U40F – Cathy Poplett – Nomad

U40M – Reza Saberi – Ali’s Dojang

U50F – Wenqi Li – PremierKi

U60F – Maria Pieri – UKMAAFA

U60M – Wayne Nicklin – Stoke

U65F – Marina Malaffo – Dorset

66+F – Jenny Furness – Aspire

66+M – Ali Pourtaheri – PremierKi

17+F FS – Amy Stewart – Lisburn

Para Poomsae Athletes

Samantha Carrington – Kang Han

Bradley Brockies – Polaris

Summer Waheed – NTC

Jane Bedford – NTC

Ben Savage – Unite

Gabrielle Toas – Chi

Leon Lindsay – Granite City

Kelvin Lowe – Cumbria

Five coaches and one chaperone will accompany the team at the event:

Coaches (Poomsae)
  • Gemma Biescas – PremierKi
  • GM Tong Wan Shin – Shins
  • GM David Bailey – Central
  • Chan Sau – Loughton
  • Chi Lai – Nomad
  • Della O’Horo – Aspire
Coaches (Para Poomsae)
  • Russell Watkinson – Unite
  • Terry Cooper – Aquila
Volunteer Para Poomsae Helper
  • Leslie Ng – Kang Han

The 2023 event will be the 16th edition of the European Poomsae Taekwondo Championships, and the 1st edition of the European Para Taekwondo Championship.

Everyone at British Taekwondo wishes the athletes all the very best at the Innsbruck 2023 European Poomsae Championships. We would also like to thank everyone in the Poomsae Performance Department, coaches, volunteers and supporters for their continued efforts.

The British Taekwondo Poomsae Performance Department

British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Performance Department is responsible for the development of athletes competing and training at national and international level.

The first steps to national team selection is participation in open Poomsae seminars and selection into national squad training sessions.

British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Performance Department has a structured pathway for athletes including squad and team selection criteria for major events.

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Range Sports and Jcalicu

Range Sports and Jcalicu are the Official Uniform Sponsors of British Taekwondo’s National Teams. The partnership kicked off with Jcalicu uniforms being supplied to the Great Britain National Teams at the World Taekwondo Cadet World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria in August 2022, and again most recently at the Veracruz 2023 World Para Taekwondo Championships in Mexico.

All British Taekwondo instructors can apply for a trade account with Range Sports from their official website.

European Poomsae Championships 2023

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