How fantastic would it be to see Taekwondo included on the programme for the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

With the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games still fresh in the mind, attention is turning to the next edition in Victoria, Australia in 2026.

The Kick for Vic campaign to see Taekwondo included on the programme for the 2026 Commonwealth Games was launched this week.

Together with World Taekwondo, CEOs and Presidents from other Commonwealth nations, we have been working together to ensure Taekwondo has the best chance to be considered for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Australia in March 2026.

We need all of our Taekwondo clubs, athletes, coaches, officials, members, and volunteers to help us put Taekwondo at the forefront.

How you can help

We’ll be sharing details of the campaign across digital and social media channels and we encourage you to share the information and help us spread the word.

What’s next

The bid for Taekwondo will be submitted to the Victorian Government’s Commonwealth Games Committee this week, with a decision expected by mid-September.

We hope that our efforts, and those of World Taekwondo and other Commonwealth member Federations see this dream become a reality in what would be an incredible moment for Taekwondo.

Everyone involved in the campaign greatly appreciates your support to achieve something of such significance for Taekwondo.

Find out more on the Taekwondo 2026 Bid website and the following websites:

Did you know - Taekwondo has developed to become a global sport practised in 212 countries around the world, including 61 Commonwealth Games Federation countries and teams, plus one refugee team.