Master Jeong In-choul will be holding a Taekwondo Seminar in Stevenage, Hertfordshire next month.

Master Jeong In-choul will be holding a Taekwondo Seminar on Saturday 11th February. The event will take place at Stevenage Leisure Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire between 11am and 4pm and see participants shown accurate Kukkiwon Taekwondo skills, and application of Taekwondo skills and poomsae combinations in real world situations.

Taekwondo Seminar with Master Jeong In choul

Master Jeong was in the recent Kukkiwon poomsae videos as a demonstrator, is a Kukkiwon/WTA professor and is a multiple-time author of Taekwondo based self-defence books, as well as a three-time published author.

The seminar is being organised by Stevenage Taekwondo and entry is open to British Taekwondo members (£50) and non-members (£75) who hold a green belt and above and are aged 14+. To book your place please email by Saturday 4th February.

Andy Jeffries from Stevenage Taekwondo said “This is an essential event to have the chance to train with someone who is an expert in the field of applying skills. Master Jeong is a rare combination of having the skills and ability combined with great English skills, and is happy explaining both accuracy in Taekwondo and using it for self-defence.”

The event will be split into two sections, with the first session teaching people the movements from the Kukkiwon official poomsae, and how to perform them correctly and accurately. Then in the second session, Master Jeong will be teaching attendees how to adjust Taekwondo techniques and poomsae combinations to be able to use them in real-world self-defence.

Damian Burton from Free Spirit Taekwondo said “I have had the pleasure of training with Master Jeong In-choul a good few times now. His knowledge and passion for Taekwondo is nothing short of inspiring. I know that everyone who attend the event will benefit in so many ways.”

Carsten A. Pedersen, a 7th Dan from Denmark commented about a previous visit to the UK by Master Jeong “Back in 2017 when Master Jeong visited the UK I had the pleasure of participating. I saw the event on Facebook and decided to contact the organizers to hear if it was OK for me to go to the UK and train with Master Jeong. I live in Denmark so was unsure on how this event was set up and a little bit unsure about the contents of the seminar. After writing to the organiser I was given all the information and all the help I needed in order to go and train with Master Jeong.”

“I found the event to be very inspiring and with a lot of great input on both applications as well as taegeuk and poomsae interpretations. Master Jeong was excellent at teaching and even though the seminar was fully booked, he demonstrated a great ability to give advice to all participants and taking his time to reach everybody and comment on each individual person participating in the event.”

“When I left for Denmark again I left with a lot of new knowledge and with a lot of inspiration for my own teaching sessions back in Denmark. So I have no doubt in my mind that this new upcoming event with Master Jeong will be just as inspiring as the last one. Also I could also give my sincere recommendations to the organiser, Andy for all the help and support prior to and during my stay in the UK.”

Master Mark Pawlett (PhD) of Sanshin Taekwondo said “Master Jeong is one of the most senior poomsae practitioners in the world. His expert tuition takes your poomsae practice to the next level, giving guidance on how to turn your practice from ‘performance art’ to ‘martial art’, with his unique focus on practical application. I thoroughly recommend any seminar by Master Jeong.”

You can watch a video from a previous seminar on YouTube here.

Master Jeong was the official demonstrator for the Kukkiwon’s last poomsae videos on Pyeongwon and Sipjin.

You can find out more about Master Jeong In-choul on Master Jeong’s Taekwondo Facebook Page.