As in any sport, we expect our share of bumps, bruises, knocks and tumbles, and even sometimes more serious injuries.

Injuries that have been sustained as a result of accidents in training should be reported to British Taekwondo via instructors. 

The Procedure

  • Injuries and accidents should be reported via the:

Accident reporting Form & Instructors Guidence

  • Once you’ve filled this out, email the form to Membership Services at;
  • In all cases, this is forwarded on to the insurers to be evaluated. The claimant will receive the claims form back, confirming whether the claim is appropriate.
  • Note that minor accidents such as bruising need not be reported.

We advise you to keep a form and know this process.

Similarly, if you’re unsure about issues that may affect your insurance, or feel you should notify us of something, get in touch with us in the British Taekwondo offices.