Referees and Judges are a vital part of Taekwondo

Over the past few years the rules of WTF Sport Taekwondo have changed dramatically, with the introduction of new penalties and additional compulsory equipment.

British Taekwondo has a wide range of active referees and judges who are kept well informed of the latest changes and interpretations of the rules, and are available to attend events held by members.

Event Attendance

If you have ever organised any type of Taekwondo event, you will know that one of the essential tasks is getting officials who judge and referee in attendance.

Next time you organise an event why not consider using the services of the Referee Department to arrange your officials for the day? For a small fee the Referee Department can send out Referee/Judge invitations, supply a Chief Referee for the day and can also arrange electronic scoring and match management equipment if required.

Referee Courses

In addition to attending events in the UK and around the world, the Referee Department host corner judge and centre referee courses throughout the UK.

Scheduled courses will be advertised in advance in the Calendar section of our website. Any groups who have people interested in qualifying as a centre referee or judge may attend. In addition to these courses, any association or group may book an exclusive course at a venue of their choice, on the proviso that they have a minimum of 25 candidates.

Any associations interested in booking an exclusive course or arranging for officials for an event may do so by contacting Brian Tilley of the Referee Department:

T: 07900 605905