Poomsae Referee Department

The British Taekwondo Poomsae Referee Department was launched in September 2020 as one of British Taekwondo’s Volunteer Departments.  The department’s role is to coordinate the development of the British Taekwondo’s Poomsae Referees with the objectives of

  • Making the UK a great place to be a Poomsae Referee​.
  • Establishing a clear and transparent development pathway​.
  • Delivering engaging courses and seminars​.
  • Ensuring consistent and fair refereeing approach for competitions.
  • Support the development of referees at all levels including progression to International Referee.

Through this we are looking to develop a pool of high quality and enthusiastic referees to support events across the UK and beyond​.

The department members are:

Gerry Reilly, Chair (chair.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwondo.org​)

Glen Culbert, Referee Director (refereedirector.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwondo.org​)

Sian Reilly, Marketing & Communications (marketing.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwond.org​)

Carolina Barros Clark, Education & Progression Manager (education.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwondo.org)

VACANT, Operations Manager (operations.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwondo.org)


Chris Wood, Video Analysis (support.poomsaereferees@britishtaekwondo.org)