What it means to be a Member

Every person in a British Taekwondo club is required to be a British Taekwondo member, even Olympic Athletes.

In joining British Taekwondo, you will learn Taekwondo with the only Taekwondo organisation in the UK accredited to the WT and the British Olympic Committee.

Annual membership of British Taekwondo is very reasonable at £22. Speak to your instructor about additional club charges.

Your membership provides you with…

  • Membership to the National Governing Body of the Olympic sport of taekwondo in the United Kingdom.
  • Membership to World Taekwondo along with 60 million other members worldwide.
  • Annual insurance.
  • Access to seminars, courses, competitions and grading’s both locally and nationally.
  • The potential to become the next Olympic Champion.
  • A membership certificate (this can be downloaded directly from your Hub profile).


For more information about how to become a British Taekwondo member and how to create your ‘Member’ profile on our online membership system ‘The Hub’, please speak to your instructor.

If you require any further assistance with your membership, please contact membership.services@britishtaekwondo.org or call the office on 01623 382020.