We welcome applications from British Taekwondo members and instructors who want to expand their class portfolio to grow their club membership. It’s a simple 4-step process!

  • Step 1. Before you start a new class we suggest that you do some local market research to find out if there is a need for this fitness class in your area.
  • Step 2. Calculate your costs (including venue hire, equipment, local advertising) so that you can work out how much to charge your KickSisters each week.
  • Step 3. Register your class with Debbie.
  • Step 4. Contact your local County Sports Partnership to find out if there is any funding available to get your class started.

New KickSister Class Info (11.04.16)

What resources will British Taekwondo give me?

We are here to help you every step of the way. There is no cost for you to run a KickSister class and we will give you all the resources you need to get your class up and running, including:

  • A personalised pop up banner for use indoors*
  • A personalised vinyl banner for use outdoors*
  • 250 personalised flyers*
  • 1 KickSister Instructor t-shirt
  • 2 KickSister Club Ambassador t-shirts
  • Membership forms
  • Welcome letters
  • 12 session plans to get your class started
  • Class registers to keep a record of your KickSister attendance

What does British Taekwondo want in return?

In return we ask you to:

  • Retain current Instructor or Taekwondo Activator status (aged 18+)
  • Hold valid criminal records check & indemnity insurance
  • Register your KickSister class
  • Register ALL KickSister members
  • Return class registers each month

Lets Get Started!

Email our office and us know that you want to start a class, we will send you 3 KickSister t-shirts to get you started, 1 for the KickSister Instructor and 1 each for 2 KickSister Ambassadors who will help you run the class.

Contact Imprint (Mansfield) to order your *marketing materials – the branding is a standard design and you can add your club logo, contact details and class information.

You then simply download the following resources:kicksister-lesson-plans-with-logoKickSister Membership Forms


to get started!  Don’t forget that if you want start-up funding, you need to contact your County Sports Partnership or local authority sports development unit.

If you have any questions, please contact the office on 01623 382017.