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How much does a KickSister class cost?

Between £2-£5 per session, local prices are set by the class instructor.

What equipment is needed?

No specialist equipment is needed, simply wear something that is comfortable for you – leggings and t-shirts. You have the option to take part in the class wearing training shoes or in bare feet.

We recommend that you take a drink and a mat/towel to use when doing floor exercises.

Are the people leading the KickSister activity sessions trained and insured?

All British Taekwondo instructors and coaches are trained and insured to run their activities, and have a criminal records check, ask to see their certificates!

Do I have to become a British Taekwondo member?

Every KickSister is a registered British Taekwondo member. The British Taekwondo KickSister membership is a one off cost of £5 and includes a free KickSister t-shirt when you first join, KickSister membership card and personal accident insurance.

If I like Taekwondo can I join the Taekwondo club?

We would be delighted to welcome you as a full Taekwondo member, membership costs start at £22 per year plus class fees, speak to your Instructor for more information.