Poomsae Referees


Poomsae is a high—performance competitive Taekwondo discipline. Poomsae Competitions are the platform where Poomsae athletes battle it out for a medal position under set rules and technical guidelines. Poomsae competitions are run nationally with a full range of age categories upwards to 65+. In addition, Poomsae Competitions run with Para and Freestyle categories. Poomsae athletes can aspire to compete at the highest levels to represent their country.

The purpose of Poomsae Competition Rules is to fairly and smoothly manage all matter pertaining to Poomsae competitions at all levels promoted and/or organised by the World Taekwondo, its Continental Unions and member National Associations, ensuring the application of standardised Poomsae rules.

The Refereeing officials are required to ensure that the best competitor wins, this is ensured through following of the rules and fair judging.

The Poomsae Referee departments purpose is to efficiently oversee the Poomsae Refereeing and Referee development within British Taekwondo. Through a high-class education programme Poomsae referees can develop, gain experience, and could represent their country at the highest levels of Poomsae refereeing.