A report from Harrogate KTA’s latest online competition.

Harrogate’s Team KTA has just finished hosting the 2nd Online International Kyonggi University Open Poomsae Championships which was live-streamed over YouTube and Facebook from Harrogate on Saturday 7th of October.

The event welcomed around 170 competitors from 30 different countries worldwide, including national players from Denmark, Canada and Iran.

This would be the team’s 22nd online competition since their first online championships which was held back in July 2020.

Harrogate KTA 2nd Kyonggi University Open Poomsae Championships 3
Harrogate KTA – 2nd Kyonggi University Open Poomsae Championships 2

Master Kambiz was delighted to be assisted once again by his team of international referees, who joined him for the event from nations including Canada, Iran, Germany, Latvia, Spain, Indonesia, and three guest referees from the Republic of Korea.

Team KTA is now preparing for their final online competition of 2023 the 4th KTA Online Poomsae Championships which will be held on Sunday 3rd December.

Find out more about the club and their events on the Harrogate KTA website.

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