Equality Impact Assessment

The recognised way to effectively address the requirements of the aforementioned legislation and to measure if policies and practices are either being adopted and or require implementation is via an equality impact assessment and an action plan.   An equality impact assessment is specifically designed to assist with tackling the imbalances caused by disadvantage and discrimination; they are effective at strategic, operational, project, departmental, team and individual levels.  It is a detailed and systematic analysis of the potential or actual cause effects of a policy or practice to ascertain whether it has a differential impact on identifiable groups of people.

General objectives of an Equality Impact Assessment are:

  • Determining how policy or practice will impact different groups, especially those who may experience inequality, discrimination, exclusion or disadvantage;
  • Identifying any particular groups who may be disadvantaged and specify as to whether there are any breaches in equalities legislation;
  • Identifying where groups may benefit as a result of existing and/or proposed policies and practices;
  • Making decisions about current and future practices in fuller knowledge and understanding of the possible outcomes for different groups, and;
  • Developing ways of monitoring and reviewing the effects of new or changing policies should they be introduced.



The main emphasis in the development of this action plan is to identify under-represented groups, not only in British Taekwondo’s membership but also in its management and operational structures.

The action plan will be “evidence based” and compiled as a result of research carried out into key areas of our organisation. The evidence will be drawn from sources including:

  • British Taekwondo Membership Equality Audit – This includes the results of the membership survey
  • Training Needs Analysis – Analysis of a questionnaire completed by Staff and Board Members.
  • Review of Recruitment Procedures – A review of how we select and recruit employees

The action plan will be a key element of the annual operational plans and as such it will be part of the quarterly review cycle that monitors delivery of our strategic aims and objectives.  It should be viewed as a “live” document which can be reviewed or amended at any time rather than the subject of an annual review.  It will be amended as and when issues of concern become apparent so that important actions can be given immediate attention. It will, however, also be reviewed annually in line with the operational plans.


Strategically, accountability for the delivery of the action plan is placed firmly with members of the Council and the Executive Board.  The Chair of the Executive Board will be publicly accountable for equality and will be assisted by the members of the Executive Board, staff and key volunteers.

Operationally, accountability for the delivery of the actions listed will rest with the individuals or groups shown on the plan. However, to achieve its overall aims, every member of the organisation, and its key partners and stakeholders, must be aware of its goals and assist in their delivery.

Resourcing Implementation of the Action Plan

In accepting the action plan the Executive Board will use all the resources at its disposal, both physical and financial, to achieve the stated outcomes.

Key Outcomes

The key outcomes of this action plan include:

Membership and Participation – ensuring that British Taekwondo is inclusive and welcoming to all and that all participants are treated fairly.

Human Resources – ensure equitable recruitment procedures and practices.

Equality Training – develop an equality training which meets the needs of staff, Board Members, Key Volunteers, Coaches and Member Groups.