Coaching can be a very rewarding experience for both the Coach and the participant. The role of the Coach comes with great responsibility and requires a lot of commitment. The Coach helps Students make improvements through a structured and varied programme of activities, providing ongoing constructive feedback, measuring their performance and entering them into appropriate competitions. Effective coaches ensure they create a safe and fun environment for their members. They motivate their students to continue participating in Taekwondo, improve their performance and help them to achieve their goals. They also understand what their students want to achieve and why they are participating in Taekwondo.

What are the requirements to deliver Taekwondo sessions:

  • All Coaches and Instructors must be current British Taekwondo Members, with current British Taekwondo Instructor Insurance, Disclosure clearance through British Taekwondo and current Club Affiliation.
  • Disclosure checks are to be renewed with British Taekwondo every 3 years.
  • Insurance cover is provided as part of British Taekwondo membership, when using local authority venues, check the venue’s minimum insurance cover requirements.
  • Coaches and Instructors must hold the rank of 1st Dan black belt or above with British Taekwondo and/or Kukkiwon.

Qualification and Education opportunities for coaches are currently under review. 

A new and exciting programme will be announced shortly.