Details of British Taekwondo’s Disciplinary Code.

The Disciplinary Code is a commitment to strengthening the integrity of Taekwondo to make it as fair, safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. The Code underpins the rules and policies governing all participants – athletes, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers, setting out a fair and transparent process to be followed where there is a potential breach of rules, policy or Code of Conduct.

The Code aims to reset the standards of acceptable conduct outlined in the Code of Conduct and build trust in British Taekwondo to take action when behaviour falls below the standard expected by the Taekwondo community. The Disciplinary Code came into effect from 27th June 2024 and will be applicable to any incidents committed on or after this date.

At A Glance Guide

To support the launch of the Disciplinary Code a support document has been produced to help understand the impact of the Code and what it means for various members.