Webinar Recording of the British Taekwondo Event Sanctioning for 2024 Online Q&A for Event Hosts.

Due to changes to the Sport Event Sanction Policy for 2024, British Taekwondo hosted an online Q&A before the sanction application window opens.

This session was recorded and is available to view on the British Taekwondo YouTube Channel and below.

Questions and answers from the webinar

No – the change means that Hosts can choose to do the audit themselves, but they don’t have to. They can still request British Taekwondo does this for them.

A member of British Taekwondo staff has to process every audit, therefore there is a staff time cost to provide this service. We have kept the fee the same as previous years (£1 per person) so we feel this represents good value for money to event organisers.

The invoice for audit fees is created by British Taekwondo and sent to you by British Taekwondo. Any payments you make will be to British Taekwondo.

It’s not possible right now to share a live update about which dates have received applications. However, we understand how important this will be to help hosts distribute their events and build a more balanced calendar. British Taekwondo will try to find a way to show this information and communicate it to potential hosts.

In this case we encourage you to get in touch with British Taekwondo so that we can discuss your challenges.

The new wording in the policy that allows for extra events to be added into the calendar is well suited to support people in this situation. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get an event sanction, but we will work with you to find out if it’s possible.

The British International Open will be 17th-18th February 2024. British Taekwondo is still confirming final details, but this is our target date.

The British Sport Taekwondo Championships will take place in 2024 on a similar date as 2023. This isn’t confirmed yet so we can’t share the date.

In the past it has proved challenging to provide enough officials for two events on the same weekend, and it has impacted the number of entries each event receives.

However, in cases where there are enough officials and both event hosts are comfortable with being on the same weekend this may be permitted.

For the reasons listed above we don’t encourage events on the same date, but we can consider it where the circumstances are right.

This is a reflection of the number of people who can currently be appointed as a Technical Delegate and the need to prioritise how they are used.

The British Taekwondo Sport Referee Department and Events Department are working on this area.

We strongly recommend that you confirm your Chief Referee appointment before submitting your sanction request.

This means that when it comes to reviewing the sanction applications, we’re able to make good decisions about which events to approve and provide a reliable and robust calendar.

You should apply for every event you want to host in 2024. If you only apply for one event and it doesn’t receive a sanction, you will miss out. If you submit multiple events there is a higher likelihood that one of your events will fit into the calendar.

To be clear, this does not mean that applying for three events means that British Taekwondo will favour your applications. It just means that it is more likely that one of those events will fit into the calendar.

To help make the application process more straightforward we’ve added the option for Hosts to tell us their preferred date, as well a list of back up dates for each event.

If there are any gaps left in the calendar after it has been published British Taekwondo will work with the Sport Referee Department to determine if there are enough referees to support more events.

If there are enough referees to support more events, we will consider adding new events to the calendar.

British Taekwondo is currently working to create a clear statement on this question of eligibility. The current statement is:

To be eligible to compete in any British Taekwondo sanctioned event a person must:

A. Hold a valid British Taekwondo membership on the date of entry and on the day of the competition.

B. Be in possession of OR be eligible to apply for a British passport.

All the sanction requests will be reviewed by the British Taekwondo Events Manager, Matt Marshall. The draft calendar will then be reviewed internally before publication.

If there are multiple requests for the same date, British Taekwondo will work with all the hosts to determine if there are any options for alternative dates. We’ll also consider geographic location and the spread of different event types throughout the year.

The creation of the calendar at the end of the sanction application window will be a collaborative piece of work between event hosts and British Taekwondo.

In 2024 there is a capacity limit for the number of matches per court per day, and a capacity limit for the number of courts at each type of event. There is not a specific limit on the number of player entries.

This means that you as host can work with you OVR provider and Chief Referee to determine the range of entries you can permit across different divisions and age groups to provide the right number of matches.

No, we encourage you to apply for Club Event sanctions within the main window but you can continue to apply throughout the year to add events to the calendar.

You can call the events team on 0161 697 5330 or you can email us on events@britishtaekwondo.org

Yes, British Taekwondo will audit all Coaches and Referees. This isn’t something that hosts can do themselves.

Event sanctioning for 2024

Details of British Taekwondo event sanctioning for 2024, including the new 2024 Event Sanctioning Form can be found on the British Taekwondo Event Sanctioning for 2024 page.

Overview Timeline

Thursday 20th July

Tuesday 25th July

  • 2024 Event Sanction Window Opens.

Sunday 20th August

  • 2024 Event Sanction Window Closes.

W/c Monday 21st August

  • British Taekwondo to review sanction applications and liaise with applicants to construct official 2024 Event Calendar.

W/c Monday 28th August

  • 2024 Event Calendar Published on the British Taekwondo website.

Event sanction process questions or queries

If you have questions or queries about the event sanction process, please contact the Events team by emailing events@britishtaekwondo.org