FAO British Taekwondo Coaches.

Details of the official invitation letter to the Sport Performance National Squad for Advance Category Winners at the 2023 British Sport Taekwondo Championships.

As you are aware, winning a medal is one of the main criteria for being part of the British Taekwondo Sport Performance National Squad. The department would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to your athletes who medalled this year.

You can find the official invitation letter for the squad here. The first session is on Saturday 28th October, so the deadline is quite tight. To confirm a place, we need this form to be completed.

To attend the sessions, please complete this form.

Please note the application for squad places are for Advance Children and upwards – all medallists. For the Children’s category – we will check with the Membership team for DOB as we can only accept if they are 12 next year and turn Cadets.

Payment links will be sent as soon as the attendance form has been completed.

Please kindly share this information with your Advance medallists.

Thank you.

The British Taekwondo Sport Performance Department