Are you going to be coaching at a British Taekwondo sanctioned competition this year?

If so, please make sure that your British Taekwondo membership and credentials, including disclosure checks, are all up-to-date, and that they cover the date of the competition(s) you are planning to coach athletes in.

When completing your event registration you will need to ensure that your membership number is correct and that your name is the same as that registered on The Hub.

There is an exciting year of club events sanctioned by British Taekwondo, as well as the National Poomsae and Combat Sport Championships taking place.

We hope you have an excellent experience being a part of the events and we enjoy seeing photos and stories from competitions. Please do tag British Taekwondo if you’re posting about them on social media.

You can view the British Taekwondo Events Calendar here.

2023 British Taekwondo Events Calendar