British Taekwondo is pleased to promote and support Sport England’s Clubmark programme.

We congratulate the following clubs that have achieved Clubmark Accreditation, and those who have registered and currently working towards Clubmark Accreditation.  We also thank the staff within the County Sports Partnerships who provide ongoing local support and carry out the club assessment:

Bluewave (Sport Hampshire & IOW)

Dorset Taekwondo Association

Eden Koryo (Active Cumbria)

Kang Han (Sport Nottinghamshire)

Koryo Eppleby (North Yorkshire Sport)

Koryo Quakers (Tees Valley Sport)

Predator (Active Surrey)

Premier Taekwondo (Yorkshire Sport)

Quest Penistone (Yorkshire Sport)

Sokcho (Sport Scotland)

Ultimate (South Yorkshire Sport)

Why not add your club to the network of Clubmark Accredited Clubs that are implementing best practice to support more members in the local community. Clubmark Clubs benefit from more members, higher retention and have committed to a pathway of continuous development, growth and improvement.

Clubs should register for Clubmark through the Club Matters website. You will be allocated an assessor from your County Sports Partnership who will support you through the Clubmark administration process and visit your club to perform a site visit.  On the Club Matters website you will also find a wealth of resources, templates,  ideas and opportunities to meet with other people who share your passion to make things better.