A report from a multi-club instructors seminar.

A British Taekwondo alliance of clubs has brought instructors together from all over the country for a seminar to harmonise what we are teaching to our students, providing a unique chance to mix and exchange ideas together.

Taekwondo is better practiced together and an alliance of British Taekwondo clubs under the umbrella of Taekwondo ‘Dongmeng’ (‘Alliance’ in Korean) have been striving to bring many clubs together to harmonise the Taekwondo that we teach.

After organising a Dan Promotion last year which saw over 120 participants from all over the country graded together in Oxfordshire, the group continued to evolve its education programme by organising an Instructors Seminar on Sunday 17th March in Hucknall, Nottingham.

Taekwondo Alliance Multi Club Instructors Seminar scaled

This instructor seminar was hosted by 8th Dan Grandmasters Ian Lennox and Alan Steeper and was attended by instructors from many other clubs across the UK.

The seminar was aimed at harmonising all we teach across Taekwondo including the Black Belt Dan Grading Examinations that the Taekwondo Dongmeng alliance organises, and covered a detailed run through of all Taekwondo Poomsae, Step-Sparring, Self Defence (grabs and knives) plus destruction techniques.

The participants included instructors from Kang Han Taekwondo, Boston Taekwondo, Phoenix Taekwondo, Jinhaeng Taekwondo, Carlton Arena Taekwondo, Spartans, AMC Taekwondo, Kickers Spalding and Unite.

These seminars are so important and so valuable, simply to be able to get together with other instructors across the UK and exchange ideas and enjoy some Taekwondo as a group.

More pictures from the event can be seen on the Taekwondo Dongmeng group’s Facebook Page linked below.

Photos: Submitted.

Article submitted by Chris Pearson / Phoenix Taekwondo, part of the Taekwondo Dongmeng group.