Last opportunity to register for WT Para classifier course!


The European Taekwondo Union is urging anyone interested in becoming a Para medical or technical classifier to register for the 1st ever combined Level 1 and level 2 classification physical courses conducted at the European Championships held in Manchester.

May 15 / Day 1 Level 1 national classifier course

May 16 / Day 2 Level 2 international classifier K40 course


Interested – then read on……………….

LEVEL 1 & Level 2 classification courses

Sunday 15 May

*Classifier LEVEL1 *

✅ National

✅ All theoretical

Monday 16 May

*Classifier LEVEL 2 *

✅ International

✅ Specialised in K40 sport class

✅ All practical

Both medical and technical classifier candidates are welcome

✅ Each course costs *$300* but if you register for both level 1&2 it will be at a discounted rate *$500*

✅ Once you pass level1 you can attend the next day Level2

✅ If you fail level 1 you will be allowed to retake the course (at a different event) again (1 time free of charge and then Proceed to level 2 without any extra cost).

Any previous National classifiers only need apply and pay for Level 2 but can attend Level1 free of charge just as a refresher

Medical classifier candidates do need some medical training and background.

Technical classifiers can be referees or experienced coaches



Registration process

1) Please register for the course through GMS –