Class 3 Corner Judge Course – Crystal Palace, London

Details of a British Taekwondo Referee Class 3 Corner Judge course.

Best Leg Taekwondo Academy, in conjunction with the British Taekwondo Referee Committee, is hosting a Class 3 Referee (Judge) Course at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on Sunday 26th June. The course is open to British Taekwondo members aged 15 years and above.

If you would like to attend the Class 3 Corner Judge Course please complete the application form.

Event details

  • British Taekwondo Referee Course – Class 3 Corner Judge
  • 10am to 3pm on Sunday 26th June 2022
  • Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London, SE19 2BB (Opposite the Squash Court)
  • Registration fee – £30

Anyone interested in becoming a referee/judge or just learning the rules of the sport for educational purposes are welcome.

Further is available from

Refereeing Sport Taekwondo Events

The starting point to becoming a judge or a referee is to attend an official British Taekwondo Referee/Judge course. Once you qualify as a judge you can then attend events as an official. After a period of time, you can progress onto centre refereeing.

The courses are open to all students from the age of 15 years old. Completion of the course allows you to attend many events in the UK and overseas.

British Taekwondo Referees have travelled all over the world, often funded, to referee/judge at events such as the US Open, Belgian Open, Dutch Open, Swedish Open, World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Qualifiers.

You don’t have to be a top-class fighter to be at the Olympics, World or European Championships – referees/judges take part as well.

1st Best Leg International Open 2022

Best Leg Taekwondo Academy will be hosting the 1st Best Leg International Open 2022 on Sunday 17th July. The event will be held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and will see British Taekwondo Referees and Judges controlling the action.

Referees, judges, coaches and other supporters are a key part of the success of British Taekwondo events and support from volunteers is very much appreciated by all involved.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved in the 1st Best Leg International Open competition please contact or visit the Best Leg Taekwondo Academy website.