Sport Performance Department – Membership Update


We are pleased to announce the team of coaches that have been appointed to deliver sessions to our squads.

Kuzey Akses, Daniel Flesher, Natalie Simpson Kidd, Ben Shaw & Saimore Sarsoza bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. All have coached at National & International level over the past few years but equally as important, they all expressed a huge desire for continued personal development, demonstrated strong core values around always putting the athletes needs first and never abusing their position of trust, and lastly, they are very strong team players that are passionate about working together to make positive change.

We have selected a group of coaches that are unique but have very complimentary skill sets. If we are to provide an elite level service to all athletes then we require different characters from different backgrounds but similar beliefs in terms of what success looks like. Congratulations and best wishes to Kuzey, Daniel, Natalie, Ben & Sai in their new roles.

We would again like to take this opportunity to thank all the applicants, we are blessed to have so many strong candidates for these positions and will continue to engage with all clubs and coaches as we move forward together.



Well done to everybody that competed at the National Championships in London . After a very difficult 18 months it was great to see so many familiar faces and to see most of the categories quite full and highly competitive. If we are going to achieve our aim of becoming a major force on the international stage, we need healthy competition and lots of it.

We used the National Championships as the main route to select our squads, although there are a couple of other routes, outlined below. If you have hit the criteria then you and your instructor should have by now received an email invite to accept a place on the squad, please reply to this at your earliest convenience.

Our squad sessions are designed to be very challenging from both a physical and mental perspective, there will be lots of realistic training/sparring. Please bear this in mind before accepting your place & communicate with your instructor as to whether this opportunity will be of value at this stage of your development.



I am certain that athletes and coaches will have many questions about the future and I hope to be able to answer some of these on 11th December where our department will be presenting our strategy thinking for the years ahead as we build back after the Covid pandemic.

British Taekwondo is hosting a series of workshop presentations to members on the 11th December both in person at the National Centre in Manchester and online at the same time, so people don’t have to travel  The sport performance department will present at 1pm so look out for details of this in the coming weeks with zoom log in details.

Once again, a big well done to all the athletes who took part in London and we look forward to working with everyone in the coming weeks and months!

Steve Jennings – Operations Manager

BT Sport Performance Department