A fantastic day of Martial Arts! – get your applications in for the National Dan Grading !

BT held its first Martial Arts Seminar at the National Taekwondo Centre at the weekend with over 60 participants treated to an exceptional day of quality Taekwondo.

The sessions were led by 8th Dan Grand Masters Bailey, Lennox, Guest & 7th Dan Masters Razak & Biescas covering all aspects of the new BT Dan grading syllabus, explaining in detail the assessment criteria and new recently published scoring methodology.


It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying high level Taekwondo again, sharing knowledge and passion for our Martial Art after such a long time apart due to the pandemic restrictions.

The day featured 5 separate module sessions explaining the importance of posture, breathing, technique, accuracy and fluency of movement that form the pillars of good Taekwondo and the assessment criteria.

The feedback from participants has been really positive and many are now considering entering the National Dan Grading on 12th December.

The BT National Dan grading will be a first – taking place in the National Taekwondo Centre, in front of a panel of 3 eighth Dan Grand Masters and 2 seventh Dan Masters using the new, very transparent, rigorous and fair grading marking system. 

It will be a huge experience for all those that take part, with a great sense of occasion befitting a lifetime moment when taking black belt for the first time or higher Dan.

Any members or clubs thinking of entering members into the BT National Dan Grading, please remember the closing date is 29th November.

For full information and application forms – download the pack below:

National Dan grading Dec 2021 – final

Application Form – National Dan Grading

A big thank you to all the Grand Masters and Masters for their time and shared experience – look out for more opportunities to learn from the best in 2022!