Sport Performance Department Update – October 2021



We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that supported our seminars which took place over the last few months. Aaron Cook, Lauren Williams & Bradly Sinden are all phenomenally talented athletes and are right up there with the best in the world. For them to offer their time means a lot to me and says a lot about them as individuals and their passion for giving something back to the Martial Art that has afforded them so many amazing opportunities.

Thank you to all the instructors across the country that supported the events and allowed your members to be part of what were three incredibly inspiring days. Across the three seminars we had 123 different participants from 42 different clubs and the general feedback was very positive. This is a fantastic start for our department, and this gives a great platform to push on from.


We are very close to finalising the coaching team that will work within the department and deliver our mission & vision. We were overwhelmed with the number of applicants and there are some incredibly tough decisions to be made, these coaches have shown a great commitment to their personal development and also to us as a department and for this we thank them. The shortlisted applicants were an integral part of us being able to deliver our seminars and they ensured that they were such a success. All coaches that applied for our positions will now be added to our database and included in all Coach Development Opportunities that we host as we move forward.


As outlined previously we intend on picking our squads and teams in a very objective manner. Originally, we stated that we would use the 2021 National Championships as the main route into our squads but as there is a limit on the number of participants for the Nationals some of our athletes have missed out on the opportunity to compete and this has forced us into a rethink.

We intend to run squad sessions for 2 age groups. The first from 11-14 years old which will make up our Cadet Squad. The second will be for aged 14+ which will be a mixture of Junior & Senior athletes, some of this older age group will obviously be part of our -21 team for major championships.

Having a cap on the number of entries at this year’s National Championships has left us with a unique situation and so this year we are going to trial using Domestic Open Competitions as a route for selection into our squads. We may or may not use this in years to come but for this year we feel that this is the fairest way as it creates a further opportunity for those that didn’t manage to get entered to the National Championships



Over the next 2 months we are hopeful of sharing our 5-year strategy with you all. At the moment the date is looking likely to be 11th December. This date is significant for 2 reasons, firstly the British Taekwondo AGM is taking place and as part of that event each of the volunteer departments are being asked to present their plans so some of you will see me in person/online then.

Also taking place on 11th December is the very first of our squad sessions so please pencil this into your diary, this will be at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester and run in conjunction with the British Taekwondo celebration weekend. For all athletes, coaches & parents that are present we will also be sharing our vision and 5 year strategy to you all between sessions.

Invites will go out directly after the National Championships with the relevant information for the sessions. We hope to see lots of you there.


Finally for this update, we will be running some online coach development sessions across the winter months, I will be calling on some of the experts I have worked with during my 15 years at GB Taekwondo to come and present to us.

We are fortunate to have Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Elite TKD Coaches and Strength & Conditioning experts that are willing to offer their time and expertise to us, we are just trying to tie down dates and presentation contents etc. The sessions will be open to all instructors registered with BT so please continue checking the British Taekwondo website and social media platforms.


Steve Jennings – Operations Manager

BT Sport Performance Department