European Poomsae Championship 2021

As some of our members will have already seen recently, the European Taekwondo Union finally released information on the European Poomsae Championships 2021 – for mid November, in Portugal.

It is with a great deal of disappointment that we announce that we will not be able to send a National team to this event.

Safety has been the paramount concern throughout, and this has led to some really tough decisions for our board and Combat Sport /  Poomsae Performance departments over the entire pandemic period.

All events on the calendar domestically and internationally in the last 18 months have been affected by the pandemic, with most subject to change, postponement and cancellation in so many cases, creating a lot of knock on effects for hosts, federations and participants alike.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are still so many potential risks and multiple variables associated with travelling, especially abroad with a team of any size and this makes participation very challenging, including:

  • Continued risk of exposure to the Covid 19 virus and variants whilst travelling.
  • Selection of teams at this very late stage in any objective way is difficult and potentially unfair with most Poomsae athletes having little physical training and competition in over a year.
  • Government travel advice may change at any time (for better or worse) and quarantine rules could change at short notice should the spread of the virus worsen.
  • People producing a positive test before or during travel would be unable to compete or coach, potentially causing multiple quarantine scenarios for them, staff and other team members in close contact.

There is significant risk and uncertainty as to what may happen in the autumn and winter, as cases rise and hospitalisations increase across Europe.

We appreciate there will be some disappointed athletes Рwhich we all really feel for. This situation has been repeated across the world  already for so many events, with many countries unable to send teams.

This decision was not taken lightly and only after a lot of consideration and hope that members can understand the wider picture and wish to protect the health of our members, coaches and staff.

Our Poomsae performance team, along with all the other volunteer led technical departments are starting the slow process of rebuilding squads and education opportunities for our beleaguered but resilient athletes and technical officials, providing opportunities to participate and grow in the months and year ahead as we hopefully emerge from the pandemic and into the new normal (whatever that is!)

Thank you for your continued support.