Moving towards the new normal

Dear BT Coaches,

Following the publication of our most recent Covid guidance and feedback from the Coach Conference Call we had on 20th July, we wanted to update everyone further.

As governments in each of the Home Nations start to remove legal restrictions (or fully remove in the case of England), around mask wearing, sanitisation, social distancing and other Covid measures – we have noticed that many clubs are still using these simple measures as a way to give their members confidence to return.

This is a good, common sense approach.

In line with what many NGB’s and venues are doing, BT recommends that clubs engage with their members, discuss any concerns and anxiety they have around returning to training, and put in, or keep in place measures for club activity that the club leadership feel happy with, such as class capacity limits, working in set groups, having hand-gel available, wearing masks in the gym/centre when not exercising etc.

And telling all people coming to clubs what to expect – communication is key to giving people the confidence to return!

Working in fixed groups as an example, can also help. Should there be a positive case in one of your classes, and everyone has been continually mixing, you could have an entire class being pinged by the NHS Track & Trace app and being told to isolate, so group working is one good way for clubs to manage this possibility.

We appreciate that every club is different, which is why communication with your members is the best way to find out what works best for your circumstances, hall and class sizes. And as we said on the coach conference call, we must stress, that these are just best practice suggestions, that are now not legally binding, in England particularly.

Good luck with your ongoing return to venues and larger classes, hopefully spurred on by the coverage of the Olympic Taekwondo, National Taekwondo day and your own promotional activity.

Our latest understanding of the lifting of legal restrictions in each of the Home Nations is as follows:


19th July

  • All legal restrictions for social distancing and mask wearing ended


 9 August

  • all major COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted if the necessary conditions on vaccination and harm reduction continue

Northern Ireland

 12th August

  • The Northern Ireland Executive will discuss more changes


From Saturday 7 August (if conditions allow)

  • Complete the move to alert level 0:
  • remove legal restrictions on the number of people who can meet indoors, including in private homes, public places or at events
  • all businesses and premises can open, including nightclubs
  • people should still work from home wherever possible
  • face coverings will remain a legal requirement indoors, with the exception of hospitality premises. This will be kept under review.

The BT Team