GB athlete’s match timetable

For those of you who want to follow our Olympic athletes match by match – and may want to get up in the middle of the night to follow every second of our hero’s journey’s –  our colleagues at GB have worked out what the program could look like for each of our team.

This is an estimate – based on the current understanding of the draw and may change – so please check other sources nearer the time to make sure you don’t miss the matches.

Coverage will either be on the BBC or Discovery+ in most cases.

Please check the channels themselves for more information.  (Note: Its not guaranteed that all early round matches will be shown)

Jade Jones: Sunday 25th

L16 – 3:44am UK

QF – 6:26am UK

SF – 8:00am UK

F – 1:30pm UK


Bradly Sinden: Sunday 25th

L16 – 4:23am UK

QF – 7:05am UK

SF – 8:39am UK

F – 1:43pm UK


Lauren Williams: Monday 26th

L16 – 5:30am UK

QF – 7:30am UK

SF – 8:30am UK

F – 1:30pm UK


Bianca Walkden: Tuesday 27th

L16 – 3:30am UK

QF – 6:30am UK

SF – 8:30am UK

F – 1:30pm UK


Mahama Cho: Tuesday 27th

L16 – 2:45am UK

QF – 6:15am UK

SF – 8:15am UK

F – 1:45pm UK

Happy watching…………….Come on Team GB!!!!!