Thank You to all of our Incredible Volunteers

Its Volunteers Week in the UK, and to join the celebrations, BT would like to acknowledge and say a massive thank you to the hundreds of wonderful people who give their own time to help people learn our great Martial Art / Olympic Sport and support Taekwondo events year after year.

Most British Taekwondo clubs are run by dedicated and selfless volunteer coaches and their support teams, educating the next generation all about Taekwondo, promoting its physical and mental health benefits and “making better people” by embedding mutual respect and great life skills into our young students over years of dedicated work. We would urge our members to take a moment this week, especially after the terrible year we’ve endured, to just say a simple thank you to their club coaches and helpers – it will mean a lot. Or surprise them with something bigger of course!

BT would also like to say a huge thank you to all of our specialist technical department members. During the pandemic period, BT has been quietly reshaping our Sport & Poomsae structures for performance and referees, so we can offer our members great education and participation opportunities in the years ahead. We have been interviewing and appointing dozens of skilled and experienced people to run our technical programs and they are all hard at work ramping up activity as we emerge from the pandemic lockdowns. Every single one of these people are volunteers, giving up huge amounts of time for the betterment of Taekwondo in all our Home Nations – so please join us in thanking them for this dedication.

Even better, why not get involved !…….if you feel you have something to offer and would like to “give back” – let us know.

Everyone is looking at the next few months with some optimism, and BT and its departments have many ambitious plans for training sessions, seminars, gradings, reward & recognition and major events in the coming months, so look out for these and lots of volunteering opportunities that go with them!!!

If you want to say a big thank you to your volunteer led club, coaches and support team, or want to go further and do something to commemorate Volunteers Week – check out the Volunteers Week website and resources for more ideas.

Thank you again to everyone that “gives back” to Taekwondo.