On Sunday 25th July, our GB Taekwondo stars begin their campaign for Olympic glory.

Starting on the Sunday, the action kicks off with Jade Jones (going for her record 3rd Olympic medal), and our reigning World Champion Bradly Sinden.

They will be followed on Monday 26th by Lauren Williams and on Tuesday 26th by our triple World Champion Bianca Walkden & Grand Prix champion Mahama Cho

To celebrate this momentous occasion, get behind our athletes and take advantage of the huge amount of national publicity Taekwondo will receive over those few days, British Taekwondo is launching a “National Taekwondo Day” campaign.

We will be supporting and encouraging all BT clubs to create a buzz around the Olympic Games, and use the opportunity to advertise their club, our sport and fantastic Martial Art to potential new members, local communities and schools.

We will ask clubs to think about profile raising activity such as:

  • Hosting a club “Open day” – opening your doors to newcomers to try Taekwondo
  • Doing Taekwondo demonstrations in your local area in high profile locations
  • Running a club marketing campaign at the same time as our athletes are competing
  • Arranging fun session opportunities in local schools (Friday 24th July is the last day of term for many, with schools looking for fun activities to do)
  • Host a Taekwondo club “watch party” – inviting your members and families together (Covid rules permitting!) to watch and cheer on our athletes.
  • Plus any other ideas you can think of that celebrate the Games, support our athletes and make the most of the publicity for your club

To support this, British Taekwondo will create a series of helpful marketing tools including video clips of our athletes talking about how great Taekwondo is, graphics, adverts and imagery, all to use in your own social media advertising and promotion materials.

Beforehand, we will also re-run the video sessions on marketing your club, as many club leaders really found these useful during the restart after the lockdowns.

More details will follow – so keep checking the BT website and emails to club coaches for more information.


To support the National Taekwondo Day initiative, our Sport Performance Department will also be hosting a special Open session at the National Centre in Manchester on 25th July.

This fantastic opportunity will be open to all members Under 18* who are Green Belt or above, and will be a fun day of training and celebration led by performance coaches, featuring guest appearances from some of our star GB athletes and other surprises!

There will be a big screen showing the Olympic Taekwondo competition and the opportunity to scream the house down when Jade & Bradly hopefully make it through to the latter final rounds.

Look out for more details from the Sport Performance department team in the coming days

This event will be on a first come first served basis.

*Currently Covid rules mean adults over 18 cannot take part in sparring activity. These rules may be relaxed from week commencing 19th July if the government eases restrictions sufficiently. If this does happen and places are still available, priority will be given to adults for any remaining places.

However, at this time, we do not know what restrictions or conditions would be in place so apologise in advance if rules at the time make it difficult.