A little message from our Membership Services Officer

Hi Everyone,

We’re so pleased to see that many of you are FINALLY back to training after such a strange year.

We know it’s been extremely difficult and so I wanted to wish you a very happy return to training!!

I hope you enjoy seeing your friends, training partners and coaches again.

Remember – try not to put too much pressure on yourself if you are not currently at the stage you want to be. Why not try setting a couple of goals to achieve by the end of the year and then setting one or two main goals for next year.

A break from activity isn’t always a bad thing, it can give your body and mind time to rest, recharge and recover.

I’d love to hear how your sessions are going, so please feel free to tag British Taekwondo in any posts on social media.

I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Emily (Membership Services Officer)